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Hose Trigger Sprayers


The AFA OpUs Home & Garden is our pre-compression sprayer for use with larger volume containers. It is available with extended dip tubes and customised caps and closures to suit the neck form on the customer’s preferred bottle.

Hose trigger sprayers are ideal where the weight of the container requires it to be held in one hand and sprayed from the other. This is very common with gardening and horticultural products which often come in larger containers than household products.

All of our trigger sprayers are available in a wide range of colours to compliment your product, packing and branding. With consistently high performance, contemporary looks and comfort and ease of use AFA hose trigger sprayers are the perfect trigger head to compliment your product.

AFA OpUs Home & Garden triggers incorporate:
• 28/410 screw cap
• SOS (Spray/Off/Stream) or SO (Spray/Off) nozzle
• Extended dip tube / hose 965 mm length
• 34/400 cap for closing containers
• Packed in a plastic bag

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