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Mini Trigger Sprayers


The AFA OpTion mini-sprayer is an aesthetically pleasing small trigger that doesn’t compromise when it comes to delivering a superior fine-mist spray pattern, thanks to AFA’s patented pre-compression technology.

With an all-plastic construction, OpTion leads the way for recyclability and improved sustainability for minimal impact on the environment. OpTion’s continuous passive venting system prevents leaking even when the trigger is inadvertently depressed - keeping the users' fingers dry.

The benefits of the of OpTion mini-sprayer are as follows:

• Delivers a consistent, fine-mist spray.
• All-plastic construction and can be fully recycled.
• Once the trigger head is primed, it is always primed.
• Has an aesthetically-pleasing look and ergonomic feel.
• Utilises the patented AFA pre-compression system.
• The AFA OpTion mini-sprayer is leak-free.

OpTion Spray Trigger Lock Passive Venting
OpTion Spray
The AFA OpTion mini-sprayer produces a consistent, fine-mist spray pattern.
Trigger Lock
The AFA OpTion mini-sprayer has a
trigger lock to allow safe transportation.
Passive Venting
The AFA OpTion mini-sprayer has a
passive venting system prevents leaking.

Nozzle: Spray/off.
Spray pattern ≈ 45° round.
Output: 0.6cc +/- 0.1cc per stroke.
Closure: 24-410 continuous thread (CT) closure.
Dip tube: Straight “V-cut”.
Colour options: Opaque, translucent or customizable.

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