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Maximise the performance of your products with the best performing trigger sprayers in the world!

AFA OpUs trigger sprays from Nexus Packaging are widely accepted as being the most technically advanced, effective and efficient trigger sprays, spray heads and foam triggers available in today’s market. With technology designed to deliver liquid products in superb spray and foaming patterns, our trigger sprayers optimise the products' presentation and performance in a way that no other spray head can.

AFA Opus incorporate pre-compression valve technology that builds pressure inside the trigger spray head and only releases product when that pressure is above 3 Bar. This means that liquid is delivered in uniquely consistent spray and foaming patterns with minimum "fall off" during use. Our trigger spray heads are manufactured from an all plastic construction which is compatible with a broad range of chemicals and food stuffs for use in most applications.

With their unique design, the AFA OpUs range of trigger sprayers eliminate the common problems caused by less advanced designs. The result is a product which performs better and more consistently, eliminates mess and is visually more appealing than the sub-standard designs offered by other triggers.

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AFA Trigger Sprayers
Spray & Stream Triggers
AFA Trigger Sprayers
Foaming Triggers

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• An all plastic construction. • Are manufactured from 100% polyolefin plastics with no steel components.
• They are fully recyclable. • Are manufactured on closed loop machinery.

AFA OpUs triggers are designed to look modern and dynamic, yet retain a comfortable feel when handling and operating. They can be supplied in a selection of colours and designs to complement your packaging and are available in a range of spray and foaming patterns to deliver your product in the manner you require.

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To find out how we can help maximise the performance of your products please contact us on 0800 368 8323, Email or fill out our online Enquiry Form. Our AFA Trigger Sprayers are available throughout the UK in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen, Inverness, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Hull, Sheffield, Nottingham, Birmingham, Leicester, Bristol, Cardiff, Southampton, Portsmouth, London and Plymouth.