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Spray and Steam Trigger Sprayers


The most common and practical dispensing method for the majority of liquid and chemical products. AFA OpUs trigger spray and stream heads give your products the functionality you’re used to with improved performance, contemporary looks and less fall off.

All AFA trigger sprayers can be supplied in a range of colours, both opaque and translucent, to compliment your packaging and branding. With multiple spray head options available we can provide you with the perfect trigger sprayer to suit your product, the liquids involved and the type of application. These features come together to provide your customers with the best possible experience when using your products.

AFA OpUs trigger sprayers from Nexus Packaging are available in three spray formats; Spray & Stream, Narrow Angle Spray and Wide Angle Spray.

Spray & Stream
The AFA OpUs Spray & Stream trigger sprayer is coded SOS and has 3 nozzle settings; Spray (a regular spray pattern), Off (closed), Stream (a stream of liquid of between 3 and 5 metres).

Narrow Angle
The AFA OpUs Narrow Angle trigger sprayer is coded SO/NA and has 2 nozzle settings; Narrow Angle Spray (a spray pattern for more direct intense application of product), Off (closed).

Wide Angle
The AFA OpUs Wide Angle trigger sprayer is coded SO/WA and has 2 nozzle settings; Wide Angle Spray (a spray pattern where a finer more aerated mist is required), Off (closed).

Our triggers sprayers are available in a wide range of opaque and translucent colours and can be supplied with dip tubes sized as required.

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